Support Policy

We provide two kinds of support.

For Free users we provide support through- WordPress Repo Support

For Pro users, we provide- Email based 24/7 Premium support

How Do You Get Premium Support?

  1. Our pro users get premium support from our team of professionals, and directly through their email. 

What is Premium Support?

Our paid users are given top priority in our support system, with replies to their support tickets taking precedence. In addition, support reps will offer to log into paid users’ WordPress dashboards and even their hosting control panels, such as cPanel, when required, in order to debug and solve issues. This service is not available to free users.

Use Our Ticket System

There is no chat option in our support, but we manage to fix almost ALL issues that arise through our ticket system. Please note that our ticket system is email-based. As with all email systems, emails may occasionally not make it to their final destination or may end up in junk/spam folders. If you do not receive replies from us within 24 hours, please first check your junk/spam folders, and then if there is still no reply, please contact us either via our Facebook page or our presale chat. You can find our presale chat bubble at the bottom of our site.

From there, we can determine what happened to your ticket and connect you with the support team.

Once we are in communication with you, if necessary, we may request login details / user credentials for certain issues so that our team of talented and trained technical service experts can solve the issues for you. Tickets are tier-based and some tickets may be escalated as needed to solve issues.

Please note that the access to the premium support is via your account on support is for existing features only. Development issues (custom widgets and functions, custom code and CSS, BETA testing issues, compatibility issues with plugins you developed) have to be sent to our Github account.

* We have an excellent and caring support team consisting of pros from all around the world, covering our help desk 24/7. This does not mean that we can offer immediate or live responses, however. We strive to reply to each ticket as soon as possible, with a goal of first response within 24 hours. 

How To Submit A Ticket

  1. Go to
  2. Submit your ticket, and try to describe your issue in the most detailed way possible, so our support team knows how to help you. We strongly recommend that you backup your website before contacting support.

Tips for Getting Fast, Accurate Support

Are you a Pro user? If so, please make sure you use the same email address in your support ticket that you used when you purchased the Pro. This will enable the system to match you up with your Pro account, and that gives us the ability to provide you with the Premium level of support that you paid for. 

In your initial support request, please be as detailed as possible so we can understand the issue. 

What do we support?

We support issues related to the current features of the Elementor Extender plugin. 

What don’t we support?

Officiallly, we don’t support 3rd party themes or plugins related issues.